Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Emergency Zone's Pet Emergency Kit Review

Disclosure: I received the reviewed products in exchange for an honest review.

About Emergency Zone: "Emergency Zone is your wholesale, business to business source for emergency preparedness products, disaster products and home safety products. We emphasis quality and value, providing emergency preparedness products you can stake your reputation on."

Emergency Zone offers Weather Protection, Outdoor Cooking, Fire Starting, Sanitation & Hygiene, Food & Water, Emergency Tools, Radios & Flashlights, Automobile Safety, First Aid, But Out, School & Office Kits, Pet Supplies products & more.

My Review:
I am reviewing the Pet Emergency Kit.

I love this kit. When I showed it to my boyfriend he couldn't believe how many items were inside.
We had just been given a doggy by a friend so this kit really came in handy. We keep it in the car just in case of an emergency so not only are we prepared but so is our dog.

Here is what's in the Pet Emergency Kit.
Pet Emergency Kit
  • Large Fanny Pack
  • Dog Waste Bags
  • Light Stick
  • Emergency Blanket
  • 53 pc First Aid Kit
  • Self Adhesive Bandage
  • Cold Pack
  • Tweezers
  • Trauma Scissors
  • Gloves 
  • 4 x 4 Gauze
  • Puppy Pad
  • Small NylonBag
  • Splints (small) x 2
  • Splints (large) x 2
  • Folding Pet Bowl
  • Folding Water Dish
  • Folding Disk
  • Squeaky Toy
  • Leash
  • Collar
  • Signal Whistle
  • Medium Mylar Bags
  • 5 oz Dog Food  x3
  • 4.2 oz Water   x3
The folding pet bowl and folding water dish, in case we're out for a few hours and our dog gets hungry or thirsty. I was happy to find out it comes with 3 packs of dog food and 3 packs of water.

There are many items in case of an injury such as a 53 pc First Aid Kit, Bandages, Guaze, Tweezers, Cold Pack and Gloves. Also Splints. And how cool there is even a doggy toy too!


  1. We just got a dog last month and this would be GREAT to keep in the house. I am going to tell my husband about this right now.

  2. This is brilliant! We have been meaning to put together a pet emergency kit. This is even easier! we need one for our cat and one for our dog! We even have the folding water dish, but were talking that we needed another one too.

  3. I never thought of a pet needing an emergency kit, but it does make sense. Great idea!

  4. I could definitely use one of these for my cat--and back when I had dogs--well I wish they had had them then!

  5. This is my first time hearing about a pet emergency kit. But what a great item to have if you own pets

  6. I never thought about having a emergency kit for a pet, but what a great idea! I bet it would come in very useful. It's always good to be prepared.

  7. I have two dogs and I think an emergency kit would a very good idea to have around the house. Thank you!

  8. i have never thought of a pet needing an emergency kit this is good to know

  9. We always have an emergency kit on hand. We have two little dogs that go pretty much everywhere we go so we like to be prepared.

  10. This is great! It is especially important if you live in an area, like we do, that has frequent tornadoes.

  11. Wow, this is actually good and handy thing to use especially for those pet lovers.

  12. Perfect for us to have on hand living in a hurricane prone area. Great selection too.

  13. This would make an awesome gift for a new pet owner!

  14. Well they have a kit for everything huh!? lol First time ever hearing about this!

  15. This is a great review, but unfortunately I dont have any pets, But I do want another cat

  16. I didn't know they had pet emergency kits. I'd like one of those

  17. This emergency kit contains all of the essentials when one has a pet. My dog would definitely benefit from all of these in an emergency.

  18. We have emergency kits but I have never thought about one for pets!

  19. We dont usually take our dogs out unless we are on a walk so I have never thought about this kind of kit. It will come in handy when we drive home next summer.. Those poor dogs are going to be in the car with us.. Sorry pups!

  20. You know, I never would have thought of this but it makes total sense to have this ready!

  21. Awesome! This would be great, considering that we're going back to Tacloban and we'd never know what kind of emergency we would face as lack of vets.

  22. I never thought about needing a kit, as much as I travel around with my children, I should get one or just make one! Great post!

  23. Never thought of emergency kits for our pets. This sounds like a really great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  24. unfortunately we have never even considered this. i guess this is something to consider for sure.


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